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    Using Pages Control on a dashboard while also using Parameter to control multiple sheets

    Kyle Prince

      Hi all,


      I am working on a dashboard and I am currently using a parameter to show a single active sheet from 6 different sheets. I have also added a field to the pages shelf for each sheet and have synchronized them. My problem is that when I change from the first sheet to any other sheet via the parameter selection, I lose the ability to change the pages option. I am unable to upload the workbook but I have added some screenshots that will hopefully help explain my problem. The Student by selector determines which worksheet will be active in the dashboard. The term code filter is controlled by the pages shelf. If the active worksheet happens to be the Department sheet I can change the pages option with no problem and it will work as expected. If I change to a different active sheet (e.g. the gender worksheet from the screenshot below) I am no longer able to use the pages control. The new worksheet does however maintain the numbers from the last term code that was selected. Does anyone have any ideas on what I am doing wrong?