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    Creating a View Only Filter for Measure Group

    Lana Williams

      What I'm looking to do is build a filter (view only, not underlying data) to select one of 3 measures that I'm using.



      • The 3 measures I'm using aren't the only 3 in the data source, so allowing the user to see the whole list of measures in the filter will NOT work.
      • The 3 measures I'm using are table calculations for Turnover. (Results are computed along Month of Month Ending, for each Location, Year of Month Ending)


      What I've done to try to help myself thus far:

      • Dabbled in Parameters (Turnover Type). Very new to this idea, so I have something here with a Case Measure to go along with it, not sure how to get it to work. (If it even will)


      Ideal Outcome:

      User only sees one Type of Turnover [Overall, Voluntary Only, Involuntary Only] (reduces the noise of so many lines on the screen)


      Anonymizing this is EXTREMELY difficult, so I have not attached a workbook, but a few pictures below.




      Showing the Parameter Control


      Showing the Calculation for the Parameter



      Ideal Outcome: Selecting FYTD Turnover from the Parameter control shows the below

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          I may not have fully caught the gist or subtleties,

          but I think your parameter based Measure will work

          if you put [Turnover Type Filter] on the Rows shelf.


          I tried it out with a test set, specifically wanting to see what happens if the three different table calculations

          have different settings. Namely, I had one of them reset every new year.

          If I went into each calculation and edited it's default table calculation setting, then

          the Case Measure did the right restarts when selected.

          Please see workbook v10.3 attached in the Forum Thread.