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    How to show three measures as data points and their moving averages as trend lines in the same view?

    Nikhil Sahni

      I have three calculated measures let's call them Percent X, Percent Y and Percent Z ( All these are percentages). Now, I created a view using "weeks" on my column shelf and "Measure Values" on row shelf, so that it created three trend lines. From the Marks shelf I changed it from line to circle, so that I have small circles representing the data points. Instead of trend line now you have small circles for Percent X, Y and Z. Now, I want to create three trend lines in the same view which would be the moving average of each one of these. So you will have Moving Avg line for Percent X, Moving Avg line for Percent Y and so on. I would really appreciate if I can get any help on this. Somebody created it in Excel but I don't know how to create it in Tableau. I brought "Measure Values"  again next to the one I already have on my row shelf and select the moving average calculated field but then all 6 measures change to moving averages. If any doubts please ask. Below is the desired view.