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    Split and calculate year and monthly information


      Hello All,


      I have need to create a report similar to the below example. Can you please explain how this can be achieved?


      Calculation: Sample store data as reference however added an year to the order date..


      Quantity = Number of Items Sold

      Sales = Total Sale Amount

      Discount = % Discount

      Actual Discount is derived by percentage and Sales amount



      FY 2017Jan 2018Feb 2018Mar 2018Apr 2018FY 2018
      Actual Discount8,1237,0923,6947,7037,1016,671


      For the above table. All the FY columns need to have the total for the year divided by number of months (Average). where as for the current year, I need to split and show the actuals.

      I can separately calculate the columns and add them to the view however the challenge is that every time the month changes -- next month needs to be added automatically for the current year data.

      Example - when I move to June date, May column should be added automatically next to Apr.


      Looking for some suggestions from the experts. Please advise.


      Thank you!