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    Only analyse products that have full data over a number of years

    Reinoud Blom

      Hi there!


      I am working on an analysis on products. I have an excel, currently 3 sheets for 3 years (I put them together in the example). Every sheet has a series of product IDs, with for each a few metrics (category, sales, margin, etc). Not all products are sold in all years.


      I would like to figure out how products developed over the years, for example their sales. E.g. I want to make a bar chart, with for each product category, the average sales for the past 3 years.

      However, I ONLY want to do this for the products which have been sold in all 3 years. See my example. For some products (product ID 3, 8 and more) I have data for all 3 years. For others, only 1 or 2  years.


      How do I perform analysis on products that have 3 years (or at least 2 out of 3) data available?


      Thanks a lot!



      Note: I just realised the categories aren't consistent over the years, but they should be. Each product ID always belongs in the same category.