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    Noob hoping someone can help

    Dmitriy Berenboym

      Hello friends,


      I am learning this great software and ran into an issue.

      I have the following data:



      Entrecôte (Rind)1 kgMai67.0164.0566.8970.2869.1559.1570.4473.38
      Rindsbraten1 kgMai37.3536.7538.5239.1039.6339.3142.0939.45
      Rindsvoressen 1 kgMai24.4024.8426.1226.6425.9825.1226.5826.50
      Gehacktes Rindfleisch1 kgMai17.5017.0018.0418.6918.2319.1619.1420.32

      I would like to create a line graph that shows either price increase of decrease over the years. I have tried to convert the years to measures and dimensions, but its just not letting me create that type of chart. Can someone guide me in the right direction.


      Thank you

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          Andrew Bickert

          Hi Dmitriy,


          You have what is called "Wide Data", meaning your year fields are in their own columns. In order to fix this and make it more usable you will need to pivot your data within Tableau. To do this, highlight all the years on your Data Source Tab and right click and Pivot.

          You can rename the Pivot Field names to "year" and then utilize the Pivot field values in your line graph.


          Once you have this in place, you can then do your table calculations for percent difference year over year or other calculations.

          Kind Regards,



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            Dmitriy Berenboym

            Thank you for your quick response and apologies for my delayed reply.


            I was able to Pivot as you had suggested, but my data is still not being read properly ( i cannot reproduce the same result as you).


            How do I attach my work book so that you can see my mistakes.




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              Andrew Bickert

              Hi Dmitriy,

              I apologize about the delay, I went on vacation for a couple days


              To attach a workbook in Tableau Community, go to the top right hand corner of the reply box and there is an "Advanced Editor and add an attachment:" area. Click on this and then you will see the paper clip indicating an attachment. To export your workbook in .TWBX format, go to File, Save As, and then choose the File Type of Tableau Packaged Workbook (*.twbx)



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                Dmitriy Berenboym

                Hope you enjoyed your vacation, I am going this thursday....



                I have attached my workbook. For some reason when I look at your workbook, it seems like both year and value are measures. When I convert it get messy, it gets messy even if I dont convert.


                Please let me know what I am doing wrong.



                Thank you,


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                  Andrew Bickert

                  Hi Dmitriy,


                  For yours, you can right click on your Values and convert it to a measure, then you can drag it up to your rows and sum the values. For the year, I have mine set as continuous (green) instead of discrete (blue), it shouldn't make a difference for your dates though.


                  Here is your data, I added the Artikel filter for the four in the original post so the line graph wasn't too overwhelming.