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    Switch Sheets with Tableau

    Ryan Baskfield

      I am using 2019.1.2


      I am trying to use a parameter to switch views on my dashboard. I have 3 sheets, each corresponds with the selected view on the parameter. When I am on sheet and I have the selected parameter, it works, however when I pull the three sheets into my dashboard, I am having a problem. If I have my parameter selected for one sheet, the other two sheets don't disappear. If I select a different parameter view, it will show up in a different sheet, but then again, the other two sheets wont disappear, I also have all the titles hidden. Any help on how to get the other sheets to disappear and portray the data for the selected parameter. Thanks

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          Ryan Baskfield

          2018.1.2.  Sorry

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            Jim Dehner

            Ryan without seeing the TWBX workbook it is difficult to see what is going on


            if you have a single parameter with 3 possible values then look at the filters that you are using on the individual sheets - How are they set? and what do filter chack - i.e.{parametervalue]="Literal from the parameter value" and are then set to True?


            Should work -


            Parameters are global in that they work across the entire workbook so there is no need to try to pass filter vlaues from sheet to sheet or with action filters





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              Ryan Baskfield

              Hi Jim, Thanks for the reply.  Its not the parameter that isn't working. I have everything working on the parameter and the data is switching how I want it to. The problem is that when I pull the three sheets into the dashboard they are all showing. I am trying to select the parameter, which will show the selected sheet, and then have the other two sheets disappear. Then if I select a different option on the parameter, that selected sheet will show. Right now all three sheets are showing and that is not what I want. Does that make sense?

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                suman kumar



                Can you attached Twbx file here..?




                i think you are missing one thing.

                1. Put your parameter in one new calculated field.

                2. Drag that calculated field into the filter and select "Custom Value List"

                3. Search your sheet name in search box and click on Plus sign.

                4. Do this step in each view which you want to display.

                and you'll be able to see that view has been disappeared.



                Else use this link

                Create a View (Sheet) Selector for Your Dashboard



                Please lee me know if you need more help on this topic




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                  Jim Dehner

                  Ryan I understand - the thing that makes the sheet disappear is the filter that you connect to the parameter - when you filter out all the data (e.g. filter set to a parameter value and the user selects a different value - resulting in a False return and the filter is set to true

                  you need all 3 sheets in the same container and then hide the header - if you do that it will work - but with out seeing how you set the workbook up it is not productive to guess at what is wrong