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    Dashboard action triggered by hovering over Measure Name

    Ali Ahmad

      Hi Everyone


      wondering if its possible to trigger a dashboard action by hovering over (or clicking) the column NAME of a table.


      So on a dashboard I have a table and a heatmap.

      I have several measure names in the table.


      Country     Profit Year 1        Profit Year 2     Profit Year 3      Profit Year 4



      I have a corresponding heatmap showing the profits by country. I have a dropdown filter which lets you select Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4. You can change the heatmap view based on this dropdown selection.


      I want to make this slicker by having the heatmap change depending on which measure value in the table you are hovering over.


      For instance if the user hovers over the text "Profit Year 1", the heatmap should change to show the Year 1 profits. I want the heatmap to change based on which measure name you hover over, as opposed to a manual dropdown filter.


      Is this possible in Tableau?


      I have attached some screenshots of my workbook;


      As you select the Metric on the right, you can change the graph. I.e. selecting "Year 2" displays the graph with Year 2 data


      On my dashboard below, As I hover over the name of the Metric on the table "Profit Year 1", "Profit Year" etc, I want the graph on the right to filter accordingly and show me the relevant years of data