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    Tableau Server - how to format, arrange, add images, design

    Sebastian Thierfelder

      Dear Tabbies,


      I was wondering whether the Tableau Server space on which Workbooks are published can be designed for aesthetics and user-friendliness. Specifically, the views under the following tabs on the server:




      Under 'Projects':

      As default, each Project appears as a square, the image of which can be changed --> to my knowledge this is the only design option under the 'Project' view.


      Under the 'Workbooks':

      The different Workbooks appear one next to the other, their cover being the first Dashboard/Sheet within the respective Workbook --> to my knowledge nothing can me designed or formatted here.


      Under the 'Views':

      To my knowledge nothing can be altered here either.


      Ideally I would like to be able to rearrange the boxes within the different views, change labels, add cover images, add background images, etc. --> Without using any programming tool or tool which falls outside of the ones offered by Tableau.


      Know what I'm saying?
      Very very much appreciated and thanks in advance!!!