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    How to change order of columns on dual-axis?

    Høgni Petersen



      I have the Tableau sheet in the attached image. I want the bottom axis to say 2018 Q1 - 2018 Q1 - 2018 Q2, 2018 Q2 and the top axis to say 1, 5 . However I can only get this order when I put quarters on the top axis. In the following image the axis are in the correct place (1,5 on top and Quarters on bottom), but the quarters says Q1, Q2, Q1, Q2 which is wrong.



      In the following image the quarters are in the correct order (Q1, Q1, Q2, Q2) but the position of the axis are wrong because quarters should be on the bottom.



      How can I get quarters on the bottom and in the order Q1, Q1, Q2, Q2?