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    Bar graphs with multiple measures

    Amarnath Mohan



      I have, let's say, 3 measures each of which can be either 1/2/3. I want to get a bar graph where there are 3 bars, one per measure, colored to show the split of 1/2/3 for each bar.  (Either of a100% stacked bar or a normal stacked bar will do. A pic of desired 100% stacked bar is attached)


      I've tried adding measure Names in columns and measure values (Count of all 3 measures to be precise - ) in rows. However, I can't figure out the color coding part. If I drag Measure 1 to color pill it colors the first bar corresponding to measure 1 correctly, however the other 2 graphs are incorrect. How do I get around this? I want each of the graphs to be colored by the values of their own measures.


      I tried creating 2 separate bar graphs, one for measure 1 and one for measure 2; then synchronizing axes - this worked for 2 measures; however the 3rd measure is not being added to the same graph.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. The actual data has 20 possible values across 25 different measures, so manually adding different sheets for each measure and adding all these sheets on 1 dashboard is extremely tedious.