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    Summing One Column Into Values of Another C

    Brandon Galang

      Hi everyone,


      I'm not sure this can be done in Tableau but I can't think of a better way to layout my data. I have a set of data where each line item is a different project, and a particular column contains the names of the various project leads, seperated by a delimiter. Another column stores the cost savings in $. I'm trying to sum up the $ value for each employee, but I'm having an incredibly hard time separating them out. Here's a visual of what I've just described.





      Project TitleProject Leads
      Cost Savings
      Project AJim, Anna, Sarah10000
      Project BJim20000
      Project CBobby, Jim30000
      Project DAnna50000


      Desired Outcome:

      Project LeadCost Savings


      Is this possible within Tableau?