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    Vary dimension value based on selection

    Shruthi B S

      Hi People,


      In my current project i have a scenario wherein i have to select 3 qtrs based on the selection of max qtr.

      Ie., If user selects FY19Q2 as max qtr, i want to display sales of Fy19Q2, FY19Q1 & FY18Q2.

      when user selects FY18Q4 as max qtr, i want to display sales of FY18Q4,FY18Q3 and FY17Q4.


      In real time I'm connecting to Tableau server data source wherein FY qtr gets updated. I have simulated test data and added to attached worbook. Could someone help me to achieve this scenario.

      I want to user to select max qtr from filter only and not parameter as it becomes static if i make it as parameter.