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    How to select all the values in a filter on a dashboard Using voice commands ?

    Shrey Jain


      I am using speech recognition api to filter my tableau dashboard. Also using "tableau_v8.debug.js" to control the tableau filters. First I have filtered the state "South Austrailia" after that I have filtered the City "Torrensville" using vice commands. Now I want to select all the values in the City filter i.e., both the values "Penfield" and "Torrensville". So i am using the the below code:


      function ShowALLCity()


      var worksheets = activeSheet.getWorksheets();

      for(var i = 0; i < worksheets.length; i++)







      whenever ShowALLCity function will be called it must filter the city filter only ie., it must select both of the cities. Any Help on this would be appreciated.