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    Receiving 'Forbidden Action' when attempting to access View on TS

    Kim Sanford

      Hi All,

      We have the following setup:

      1. TS 10.5 on VM in Azure Cloud (run by a Service Provider)

      2. Reverse Proxy setup with Azure Application Gateway

      3. The Web Application Firewall is standard Azure WAF, which is not configurable, either on or off

      4. When the WAF is off, everything is fine, but this is not a valid option

      5. When the WAF is on, we can access TS through the Gateway, and we are able to perform all tasks EXCEPT displaying a Viz, where we get the 'Forbidden Action' error.  Developers also cannot publish at this point.


      Since this is outside of Tableau, there is not much support can do to help us.  Our provider has said we could upgrade to a configurable (and expensive) Barracuda Firewall.


      Are there any other options that other implementations have seen that could help us?