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    Calculating Percentage

    pranavi billa


      I am trying to create a  report for my company which can help me in getting a score for each client who works for us. To achieve this I need to get a percentage of each client (Number of Issues)/(Total number of projects)*100

      where the Total number of projects is different for each client - Orange: 35, Yellow:141, Green:20, Red:64  (Example: Percentage of Orange: (10/35)*100=28%). Later I want to address that particular client to be good bad or average depending on the percentage level they get.

      (0-10%) a client should be in GOOD and colour coded as GREEN.

      (10%-20%) a client should be in Average and colour coded as YELLOW.

      (20% above) a client should be in BAD and colour coded as RED.

      I want the percentage and the status (GOOD, BAD or AVERAGE) in two different columns

      Can we get this achieved in Tableau, Please help?