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    Dragging Dimension includes Global filters...

    jon rios

      I have some Dimensions that when i dragg them into the view, they automatically come with Global filters on the filters shelf..

      why do they inherit other sheet filters... is this the default, can i change the default?


      thanks, havent seen this before..

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          Joe Oppelt

          On some other sheet your workbook has set that filter as "Apply to all sheets".  So wherever that dimension is used, the filter automatically propagates to the sheet.


          You'll have to change in on the other sheet (any other sheet where the filter is used) to "Apply to selected sheets" and select all the sheets where you want it applied.  Just don't select this sheet when you do that, and the filter will stay off this sheet.

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            jon rios

            thanks Joe, i took over some workbooks from another contractor... it has 4 dashboards and about 40 sheets, it a spaghetti mess of filters and references between 5 different data extracts on Tableau Server.. anyway.  is there a way to audit the filters or worksheets, or it just a matter of going sheet to sheet


            thanks for thehelp         

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              Joe Oppelt

              I don't know of a way to know what sheets use that filter already.


              And here's a problem.  If you just delete the filter off the current sheet you are creating, I think it will apply that change to all the sheets that use the filter already, and I'm sure you don't want that to happen.  Keep in mind that some previous creator set it this way -- likely for a good reason.  (This is not always the case, but you have to count on the knowledge and purposes of the hands that stirred this spaghetti before you.


              But maybe you can trick it.  You have your current sheet with the auto-added filter already.  Leave it that way.  Create a bogus sheet.  Add the dimension.  (Which will add the filter.)  Then edit the filter and edit the "Apply to" on that bogus sheet.  Change it to Selected Sheets instead of All Sheets.  You'll get a list of all your sheets.  Look for the sheet you do NOT want the filter on.  Uncheck it.  I think this will get you where you want to be, and moving forward, any new sheets that add the dimension will NOT add the filter unless explicitly chosen from another sheet that has the "apply to" set.


              (I hope I explained that idea adequately.)

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                jon rios

                thanks Joe, yes you did, i can figure it out from your response...


                i was just coming to reply to your original response.... it seems that any sheet that has the global filter will change all sheets with same global filter which is causing a mess when I tweak just 1 sheet, thanks for the help.  ill play with it and I should figure it out based on your information and the steps you provided.  thanks again!