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    Data Sources Not Syncing

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      My company is currently running Tableau 10.  We have experiencing syncing issues between Tableau and Salesforce.  The connection is set to perform an incremental refresh every 2 hours and a full refresh once a day.  The issue we are having is there are opportunities within Salesforce which are not being reflected in the Tableau server extract refresh.  E.g. The opportunity ID  brings up the opportunity in Salesforce but when I search the opportunity ID nothing comes up on Tableau server.   To further complicate the issue, there are no warnings of extract failures on the status.  Typically, if there is an extract failure, there is a hazard symbol appears.  There is no hazard symbols appearing.


      I've tried manually performing a full refresh of the data source.  This does not fix the issue.  I'm unable to locate the opportunity using the Opportunity ID.


      I've check the filters on Tableau server multiple times.  I've even tried searching for the opportunity ID without any filters.  Still no luck. 


      Has anyone experienced a similar issue and are there any suggestions on how to resolve this?


      Best regards