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    Comparison of Means between Unequal Groups

    Danish Zaidi

      Hello everyone.


      I am trying to compare the differences between two groups of dealers. One group has around 140,000 dealers (control group) and the other group has 4,500 dealers (experimental group). I have grouped all the dealers together and created a column that differentiates between the two groups. For example, the control group is group A and the experimental group is group B. The problem I am facing now is how to make a fair comparison between each group when the sizes are different. I think I might have to run a T-Test but not sure what is the best way to go about it.


      Can someone give me some suggestions? I have a sales and profit column for all the dealers which is what I am primarily interested in comparing. It would not be much help in comparing them unless they are on equal measure. Hope all this makes sense. Thanks.