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    Sales Of 3/6/9 months with respect to customize dates

    satya kanth achanta tishan

      I want a chart upon subcategory and a measure.. Now my measure can be either of these based on what customer wants to see.

      A. Last 3 months

      B. Last 6 months

      C. Last 9 months

      D.  Custom dates where user can give a from date and to date based on what dates he wants to see the sales ..

      Remember to minimize the performance issues.


      I used following formula:-


      3 Months Sale:

      IF DATEADD('month',-3,[Order Date]) <= TODAY() THEN [Sales] ELSE  0



      6 Months Sale:

      IF DATEADD('month',-6,[Order Date]) <= TODAY() THEN [Sales] ELSE  0



      9 Months Sale:

      IF DATEADD('month',-9,[Order Date]) <= TODAY() THEN [Sales] ELSE  0



      So it is either last 3 month's or 6 months or 9 months sales or user also has an option to select custom dates based on which he wants to see the sales.


      Is it possible to write above 3 formula's in single calculated field?


      3.6.9 sales.PNG