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    Making a Bar touch the shape but using the shape instead of a bar on multiple measures

    Tom Pierre



      I am trying to take multiple measures that use a shape and instead of having a bar touch them, have the bar made out of the shape.  Attached is a doc with screen prints.  I can make one of the measures do what I want, but not multiple measures (tried writing the formula different, etc).  In the attached example, the first screen is what I want where as the second screen shows the multiple measures. 


      I created the index calculated field and then the formula using Index (the 30k was arbitrary to get the spacing) :


      if INDEX()-1<=INT(WINDOW_SUM(SUM([Age 25+ No H.S. Diploma (LE)]))/30000) THEN




      My question becomes -- how to make this happen for all five measures. 


      Thank you