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    Extract refresh to Redcap source hangs

    Chris Panks

      10.4.4 here, quite new to Tableau. In a sheet's Data pane, right click on the data source, click 'Extract', then 'Refresh'. Before, this would do the refresh in a matter of seconds. Now it hangs for a long while attempting to connect. When I close that message box, another message box pops up in it's place. Eventually, I get an error message back from Redcap, about redcap not being able to get my username. I'm working with Redcap to see if that can be fixed on that end.


      One fix is to replace the data source. This apparently works, but even though I'm connecting to the exact same data as before, my calculated fields aren't working, the fields are presented differently in the dimension vs. measures department. It's become clear that this is not a quick fix for me, at my current proficiency with Tableau.


      Is there a way to edit the original connection without Tableau trying to make the connection first? Is it worth the time trying to salvage the original connection?


      Thank you!