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    Displaying Calculated Data Seperately (v 10.5)

    Joshua Welte

      I'm sure this is filtering mistake or something that has a simple solution, but it is not abundantly apparent to me.


      I have a calculation to determine the P/T (precision to tolerance ratio) of some sample data. The calculation works just find on the SAMPLE TREND DATA worksheet as you can see in the workbook and in the image below




      However I do not want the user to have to hover over an individual data point to see this number. I want it displayed by itself on a separate worksheet, SAMPLE P/T. The problem is when I put it in there all the calculations are zero because the WINDOW_STDEV(AVG(RESULT_VAULE)) is equaling zero (shown below). Why is it requiring me to plot the RESULT_VALUE data in order to do this calculation?


      Any help is greatly appreciated. 

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          Joshua Welte

          Further working on it I can see that the difference between the two worksheets is that the calculation P/T is computed using Template Id, Level Id, Date Completed, and Component Name in the SAMPLE TREND DATA worksheets and only Template Id, Level Id and Component Name in the SAMPLE P/T sheet.  


          If I put Data Completed in either the column or row on the SAMPLE P/T sheet then the calculation works, but then chart looks like it does below (not what I want). Any ideas on how to get this calculation to work properly and use the right fields without having to show them on the chart? BTW the calculation is as follows:


               IF(Avg([Spec Limit - Max Float]) = Null) OR Avg([Spec Limit - Min Float]) = Null Then



                   6*WINDOW_STDEV(Avg([Result Value]))/(AVG([Spec Limit - Max Float])-AVG([Spec Limit - Min Float]))