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    Tooltip and color filter in calendar

    Romil Godha

      Joe Oppelt,


      This was exactly what I was looking for. I have a question though. Help me out.

      The file I have attached is what you helped me with Joe. Need two things:


      So, on applying this method if I want to add a tooltip for each task is it possible. Right now, if you hover over then it gives us a combined tooltip for  all the task on that day. But, say I want a tooltip for Task 3 when I hover over and Task 4 also when I hover over.


      Second, I want to color code on the basis of bOT but it repeats the dates and it also colors them, I don't want that can you help me with that. I just want the task colored according to bOT

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          Romil Godha

          Joe Oppelt

          I keep asking you, because the knowledge you have on Tableau is unmatched for. No one has been able to help me out

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            Joe Oppelt

            You get multiple values of a day when you have multiple [boT] values for that day.  So if you were to put [boT] onto colors, you get two values of "5" in that block.  That's because you have "AD" and "All" on that day.  If you want to color that day by boT, which value would you want to use to set the color?


            As for displaying the Task in the tooltip, I put an example in the other thread.  But that's where we are displaying multiple marks in the block if there are multiple tasks.  In the example for this thread, we're displaying a single mark with a calc field that concatenated all the tasks into a single value.  So we lose the differentiation of tasks here, and you will only get one tooltip value in each day's block on the calendar.

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              Romil Godha

              There is no way to get, tooltip for each task in the calendar?


              And I meant that with colors I want to keep all the dates in the same color i.e. black and each task is colored according to the type of bOT it is.

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                Joe Oppelt

                I posted this in the other thread, but I'll add it here too.


                In this example we have multiple tasks listed INDIVIDUALLY in each date (when there are multiple tasks.)  That means there are two marks per day.


                Tooltips display for each mark.  Here we get separate tooltip values for each mark.


                In your example, we shove all the values into one table calc (same value for each row on a given day), and then force only one MARK with the INDEX filter.  (That's why you get only the first task in the tooltip on each day.  Because we only display index=1, which is always the first task on a day when there are multiple tasks.)  So when you hover over June 5, even though there are two tasks, there is only one mark displayed on that day.


                If I recall, we did this for formatting purposes, to get those tasks to display correctly within the date box.

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                  Romil Godha

                  What about adding color filter for bOT? It repeats dates when there are two tasks with different bOT on the same day?

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                    Joe Oppelt

                    Yes it does.  What do you want to show when there are two boTs for one day?  (And what do you actually want to have colored?)


                    We can do the same sort of thing with BOTs that we did with Tasks.  Then you'll only get one date value per day, but we would have to pick which BOT you want to use in those cases.

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                      Romil Godha

                      So, for example on 6/5/2018 I have two tasks

                      Task 3 with bOT =All

                      Task 4 with bOT= AD

                      I want to display 5 in black color

                      but add a color filter for bOT, so Task 3 with bOT= All will be in a different color

                      and Task 4 with bOT= AD will be in a different color

                      Also I want the hover feature to work only by hovering over Tasks not by hovering over date in the calendar.

                      i.e if I hover over Task3 or Task 4 I see something but if I hover over 5 which is the date then I don't see anything.

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                        Joe Oppelt

                        You're not going to stop the tooltip from displaying over the "5".  It's part of the mark.


                        In the attached on sheet 1(2), I added [boT] to the sheet.  I also added [index] so I could force settings so that I get 1-through-N within each day.  (So on the 5th, I have 1 for the first task, and 2 for the second.  Same for the 24th.)  Next I used that same table calc setting to get the number to display only for first task on each day.


                        Sheet 1(3) has the same, but only the day number and the tasks are displayed.  So we have the colors controlled by [boT], even though [boT] is not displayed.  (I added [boT] to the tooltips on this sheet.


                        But you'll notice that the date number is colored based on the first task's boT.  Using the color shelf is going to do this to you.  The whole mark is colored based on the color legend.  All the values are part of the mark.


                        If you want to have different colors for the tasks but black for the date number, we will have to approach it a different way.  See sheet (4).  Here I took [boT] off the color shelf.  That makes everything black initially.  But I made special calcs for "All" and "AD" so that I could color those as I wanted to in the text editor.  (I made the numbers bigger just to show that you can mess with that too, although it messes up the alignment of the second task on day 5.)  Play with this.  Take index and display task and boT off the text shelf and just put them on details.


                        What's happening in here is that the various display calcs are set only for one boT or another.  For all other boTs the value is null.  Only one will display on any mark, and we can specify colors in the text editor.  Concatenate them in the text editor as I did, and you'll end up getting a separate color per boT on the display.


                        And here is a potential problem.  Your example has five values for boT.  You will have to have one per value in your actual data.  If you have only 5 in your actual data, this is not an overwhelming task to create it.  But if you have 100 boTs, and if your boTs change over time, this can become a maintenance nightmare.  But I showed you this to let you know a way to address your requirements if you actually have to meet those requirements.

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                          Romil Godha

                          Hey Joe is there a way to hover over only task and show tooltip

                          and if you hover over the date it doesn't display anything?

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                            Joe Oppelt

                            As I said at the very top of my reply, the date is part of the mark.  You're not going to stop the tooltip on that.

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                              Joe Oppelt

                              Actually, my last reply isn't entirely true.


                              See attached.  On a dashboard I dragged the calendar.  Then I floated blanks -- long, narrow blanks, over the area where the date numbers are.  I just did the top two weeks on the calendar.

                              This can add some maintenance overhead, but it's a neat trick.  If you ever have to edit the dashboard and move the positioning of the sheet, you'll also have to move the 5 (or maybe 6) blanks to the right location.

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                                Romil Godha

                                I cant do that, I have a question Joe, is there a way to make bOT multifilter option?

                                Joe Oppelt

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                                  Joe Oppelt

                                  We went with the parameter because it allows all the rows to stay on the sheet, else you will lose dates on the calendar.


                                  And parameters do not have the capability to be multi-select entities.

                                  The only way to keep both the parameter approach and still give your user multi-choice capabilities is to make as many parameters as you have boT values, and make each one a binary choice.  (HP?  Y/N.  AD?  Y/N.  Etc.)


                                  You can do this in a way that creates a single-click operation on any parameter.  I have a dashboard that does something like this:



                                  The three Y/N boxes control whether the blue/orange/green measures are displayed on the chart.

                                  But for me, I have only three moving parts to control. so only three parameters are needed.  You will need one for each possible boT in your database, and if your data ever changes with new boTs, you'll need to keep adding/deleting parameters and modifying your dashboards.


                                  You'll then need to modify the Display Task calc to accommodate all the parameters.


                                  Yes, it can be done.  It will be tedious.  Even my three params made my chart tedious.

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                                    Romil Godha

                                    Joe Oppelt - Is there a way to make calculated field as a quick filter which will allow me to select multiple options.

                                    Also I have a column call Tem, If I add this to quick filter I want it to update its filter options when I choose something in bOT. I am trying to make dependent filters to be exact. Is it possible?

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