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    Running Sum Quarter

    Karthik Kasu



      I see would like to see the running total of the Projects by each quarter. However I need only the projects that started this year and when rolled from previous year and if any opened in quarter one.

      In quarter 2 there would be new projects and rolled over ones should be as old and new ones should be as another graph like this.



      In the above screen shot, 2018 got 19 projects rolled over from 2017 and 5 projects added in quarter 1 of 2018. In Q2, the 19 projects rolled into Q1 and 5 opened in Q1 are added and shown as 24. 4 are new ones.


      Please help me build the same chart in tableau.


      I have tried and was able to get the following chart.



      I have attached the twbx file with this.


      Thank You