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    Max and Min Date Working Together

    Scott Carman

      Morning all!


      Ok so I am working on a project to look at contract information.  In the viz that I am creating I want to look at the amount of days left on a contract before the end date.


      The issue that I am having is that the dataset has a contract award number but everything else in the dataset (including the start and end dates) have more than value for each contract award number.  I don't know how to get down to just one start and stop date for a contract award number.


      The best results have been achieved when, in my real project I have added MAX(END DT) and MIN(START DT) in a variety of places such a filter, rows, details.  So if all I wanted to give was a representation of an Excel sheet I would be in business!  NOT!


      I have tried a LOD expression but seems that I can only fit either MAX(END DT) or MIN(START DT) to that expression.  Additionally, in my real dataset, there is a version number so I have used a LOD expression to pull the MAX version number but the calculation seems to take such a LONG TIME!


      I am wondering if any of you have any suggestions on where to go with this data.


      Thank you,



      PS - I am working with Tableau 10.5 and have attached a sample workbook with made up data.