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    How to set Layout Size for each Dashboards

    RAHUL Puri

      Hi Guys,


      I am encountering with a problem in Tableau. Here is the case


      I have 3 dashboards in a workbook(1 is with charts and other 2 contains Cross tabs(Tables)).For the CrossTabs Table Dashboards having more number of columns(nearly 40 coluimns),set the size in the Layout accordingly.For example: 1st dashboard(only charts) layout size is Automatic,2nd dashboard Layout size is 1500X824 and 3rd dashboard size is 4010X824 Screen Size.When publised this workbook to Tableau server,the 1st dashboard even though in automatic,it's size is fixing to 3rd dashboard size(4010X824) and same for the 2nd dashboard because of this 1st dashboard charts is seeing very big and with scroll bar.


      For the 1st Dashboard in automatic layout,it need to shows the Viz's in single glance instead of scroll bar and 2nd dashboard( CrossTabs table) need to show with dashboard layout size(1500X824).


      Please help me out on this.


      Thanks in Advance,