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    Get the User and Group information from workgroup (postgresql)

    Arnab Chaudhury

      Hi Experts,


      I need to have the list of users and the respective group they belong to in Tableau server. I have connected to the workgroup database as readonly user as per the guide: https://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/server/en-us/perf_collect_server_repo.htm


      I am not getting the desired results from the below query:


      select u.name as user_name,g.name as group_name

      from hist_users u

      inner join

      group_users gu

      on u.id=gu.user_id

      inner join groups g

      on g.id=gu.group_id



      Any help with the correct table name and join condition will be great.

      Thanks in advanced.