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    Nested Joins

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      I'm trying to compare two colleges.  I have 18 students (represented by the ID) that received scholarship offers.  Some students received scholarships from all schools, some received scholarships from only 1.  I want to compare the performance of two schools.  Selecting students that received offers from both schools AND committed to one of those two selected schools.


      How I would do it in SQL (not sure if syntax is perfect, sorry):


      SELECT state, 'Committed School' FROM example_player where 'Committed School' in ([First School Selector], [Second School Selector]) AND ID in (


      FROM (


      FROM example_offers WHERE SCHOOL = [First School Selector] ) a

      INNER JOIN (

      SELECT  ID

      FROM example_offers WHERE SCHOOL = [First School Selector]) b

      ON a.ID = b.ID