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    Display percentage bands


      I have a number of records with "Total number of Actions" and "Actions Overdue" measures.  I've created a calculated measure to show the percentage of overdue actions.


      I wish to display the count of records grouped by the percentage of overdue actions.  For example, I want to show in a column chart the number of projects with less than %10 overdue, between 10-20% overdue, etc, etc.  I created a calculated field using an "if then elseif" statement to identify the percentage for each record, but it's created as a measure and not a dimension.


      Anyone able to explain how I can do this?  Unfortunately I can't post an example.

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          Naveen B

          Hi Rangawal,


          If [Actions Overdue] <= 0.1



          elseif [Actions Overdue] >0.1 and [Actions Overdue]<=0.2







          like the above you can divide the bracket or

          what you can do click on the measure , create a bin and make the size  of the bin as "0.1" so that it will help to give the grouping.


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            Thanks Naveen.  I had already created the calculated field as per your instructions, where [Actions Overdue] is a calculated field called ActionsOverduePercent ([Actions Overdue]/[Total number of ]). I should mention that [Actions Overdue] and [Total number of Actions] are calculated using the fixed function, so maybe this is causing the problem.

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              Naveen B

              Fixed based on the dimension using in granularity related to that it will get stored in measure or Dimension that's known functionality