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    Tips for duplicating worksheets/dashboards

    Nathan Schwinnen

      Anybody have any tips on the best way to duplicate dashboards or worksheets and keep the formatting?  Here is my situation:


      I have a data source with a category called "Customer".  I want to make a dashboard for each customer separately.  It is easy to make worksheets/dashboards and then duplicate those worksheets/dashboards and then change the filter so that each customer is separated.  There are two major issues with this for me:


      1. If I want to change formatting or add some kind of new metric, I have to do this individually for all the separated worksheets.

      2. I have to manually look through my data to see if a new customer has appeared.


      Ideally, it would be great to create a dashboard template and then somehow have Tableau create a dashboard for each unique value in the "Customer" field.  I'm sure this is probably impossible.  However, if anyone has any tips on easier ways to do this, I would appreciate it.

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          Paulo Dantas

          Hello Nathan, I think that you can create a filter to customer and use this to show the information for each one. You can just click with the right button of the mouse and select the option to Duplicate the sheet, you just need change the filter and make this customer fixed.





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            Nathan Schwinnen

            Yes, this is what I have been doing.  It does not solve the problem of having to format each sheet individually whenever I want to make a change.  Also, if I create three or four sheets and then a dashboard for one customer, I cannot duplicate this dashboard then have it apply to a different customer.  I have to add the sheets for the second customer to this dashboard and then resize and reformat these to be identical to the dashboard to the first customer.  This is why I am searching for an easier method.