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    Create new dimension to filter stores whether it is "New","Old" or "Closed" by its sales (measure)

    Saharat Sakulsaowapakkul

      Hi all


      Let's focus on 2 dimensions which are Date, Store name and Sales as measure.


      I want to identify which stores are "New" by following logic.


      If sales in 2016 of that store is 0 and sales in 2017 is not 0 then that store is "New" (Since that store is just opened on last year which is 2017)

      If sales in 2016 and 2017 of that store is 0 then that store is "Closed" (Since that store is no longer active)

      else "Old" (Since that store has been opened for 2 years or older)


      Please kindly share your ideas or you may revised my attached workbook under dimension call "Is "New","Old" or "Closed""