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    About memory allocation of VizqlServer

    Yusuke Miyamura

      I have a question about memory allocation of Vizql Server.


      I was reloading TableauServer's dashboard for a short period of time (1s ~ 5s), but the Vizql server squeezed the memory we saw and slowed down loading the dashboard.



      As a current approach



      · Cache updates frequently



      · Vizqlserver.clear_session_onunload set to true



      · Vizqlserver.session.expiry.timeout to 1minutes




      I tried it and so on but it did not change in any way.


      · I attempted to change the SRM setting referring to (Server Resource Manager (SRM) configuration) but I do not understand the memory setting so much.




      I am setting up a server with RAM 16 GB, but would you advise me for something? What?


      Thank you.