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    Internal Load Balancing

    Sourabh Dasgupta

      I have a query related to Load Balancing.


      There is a cluster of 3 nodes and each of the nodes running the Gateway process, and there is no External Load Balancer (ELB) configured. Currently users are accessing the server through http://node1 Suppose the Gateway process on node1 stops responding or crashes, then can people still access the server using http://node1? Will the node1 automatically redirect the request to other Gateways in cluster on Node2 or Node3?


      Or do we have to manually change the URL to http://node2 or http://node2    

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          Naveen B

          Hi Sourabh,


          If you map the server url with custom DNS mapping then you need to manually change.


          Based on cluster controller time out if your enterprise have the failover setup automatically failover node will come in to picture and user can login with same url but when there is custom DNS at that time you need to do the change manually