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    Using Datasources published to tableau servers in the workbook

    anoosha shetty

      Hi All ,


      I have use case : -


      1. If there is a Workbook "WorkbookA"  , and users want to add in their own worksheets in it , and do a "save as" to get their own copy (lets call this "copyworkbookA" )

      2. But if there is new column / dimension added to the datasource which  is seen in "workbookA" , the "copyworkbookA" should also be reflecting those dimensions/columns



      Solution I thought for above 2 use cases are :-


      1. I will publish the "WorkbookA" in to tableau web server. , and give certain users the edit permission and save as permission , so that they can create their own sheets on top of the dimensions and metrics they have in "WorkbookA"


      2. For this what I thought is I will a create a datasource and publish it to tableau server , and then build the "WorkbookA" on top of that datasource which is there in tableau server already.So that when users create a "save as" copy of "WorkbookA"  called "copyworkbookA" in web server  .Whenever there is a new column to be added in the datasource , I can do it and republish the datasource in to tableau server and the "WorkbookA"  and  "copyworkbookA" will reflect the changes too .


      What you all think ? any suggestions or is there something I am missing ?