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    Identify newly opened store by if its sales in last 3 years (2015 and earlier) is NULL

    Saharat Sakulsaowapakkul

      Hi Every,


      I have datasource with store name also its sales in my Tableau workbook.


      I am creating new dimension call "Is Newly Opened."


      Its logic calculation (In verbal) would be as following.


      IF [Sales] in last 3 or earlier is NULL (or 0)

      THEN  "Newly Opened"

      ELSE "Existing"


      Below is an example screenshot of my workbook.


      The logic calculated field "Is Newly Opened" would consider CMR store as "Existing"

      but consider CNK store as "Newly Opened" since its sales in 2015 is completely NULL


      Hope fully someone could revise it into correct formula fit to Tableau accordingly.


      Thank you in advance.

      Identify new store.twb