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    creating donut charts

    Paige Blackstone

           Hi everyone,


      I have a set of data that I'm working with that is considered confidential, so unfortunately I can't share. I will do my best to describe.


      What I have is a number of inquiries that are reported on for a given day. These inquiries are all assigned an age based on the amount of time it took to resolve the inquiry. The resolution times are


      within 1 day

      1-2 days

      2-5 days

      5-10 days

      10+ days


      I want to create a donut chart in Tableau that looks similar to the attached image of a wireframe. The quantity of inquiries in each bucket of aging should respond to a color. I have already created a custom color palate for this in Tableau. All I need to know how to do is actually execute and get the sections of the donut chart to correspond to the number of inquiries in each bucket. I would also like to see the total number of inquiries displayed in the middle of the donut chart, similar to how we see it in the attached photo.


      Any assistance is greatly appreciated!