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    Contract Periods of Performance - How to Viz???

    Scott Carman

      Afternoon all,


      I am using Tableau 10.5 and I am trying to build a chart to visualize contract information.


      Some background:


      Each contract has a contract award number.  Each contract has an ultimate start and end date.  A period of performance (PoP) is 365 days until the end date is shorter.   Example a contract length is 5 years, therefore each PoP is 1 year for a total of 5 PoPs.  The second contract is only 6 months, therefore the only PoP is 6 months.


      What I am trying to build is some sort of stacked bar chart or bullet graph to show the PoP associated with a contract award number.  PoP 1 = Yellow, PoP 2 = Green, PoP 3 = Blue.


      Here's an example of what I am trying: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-J6kDDl5ype8/UiA5gzQq-jI/AAAAAAAAAcE/3yfDKMp-xCg/s1600/a8.png


      I want to add a reference line to show today's date and how many days left till the end of the contract in the tool tips.


      One of the issues that I am having is that the dataset I am using does not delineate the various PoP's, therefore I had to create them via a calculated fields.


      I have attached a workbook to help.  Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.