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    mathew k

      I want to make a filter which can show specific range of percentage . for example I want to show -10 and up and +15% percent and up. I have negative and positive values in my percentage column. I have used table calculation for percent difference. Any work around or any suggestion will be helpful. Thanks

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          Ryan Ledoux

          Hi Mathew,


          Try creating a calculation on your percentage, and filtering on that. For example, if your percentage was [conversion comp]:


          [conversion comp] >= -0.10

          AND [conversion comp] <= 0.15


          Drag the calculated field onto the filters shelf.

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            mathew k

            Thanks. The percentage column is a table calculation from a measure field I was comparing two years data and wanted to filter if the sales are increased or decreased by 15%

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              Ryan Ledoux

              Ok, so you have a calculation that computes the comp percentage vs LY? I think you should just be able to put that onto the filters shelf and specify the range of acceptable values . Let me know if you need more info.

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                mathew k

                Thanks for the help.... It worked... All the values which are -100% are null means they have no increase or decrease but is it shows -100% any help on this?

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                  Ryan Ledoux

                  Does your comp calculation look like the following?

                  ([TY value] - [LY value])/[LY value]


                  In this case if there is no change it would say 0%. You may want to check on the calculation.


                  If there's some special case, I would use logic like Ifnull() as a workaround.

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                    mathew k

                    Thanks ... It is working.. next step is when I click on a value it which is 10% more than the previous year it should prompt a chart which can show both year data.. right now I am able to see for my current year percent increase but when I click on it it should take me to the dashboard where sales from both the years are present so that I can view what were the numbers for previous year