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    Replicate the matched data with Null Data

    Ganesh Vijay Kumar

      Hello Experts,


      I am trying to create a calculation and stuck in between. Hope any one could guide me to arrive at the desired results.


      Below are list of data source I am using:


      1) Primary Data Source: Below is the screen shot for your reference.


      Primary Datasource.PNG


      Under Requested week 201826: Snapshot week 201822 and 201823 are missing.

      Under Requested week 201825: Snapshot week 201822 is missing.


      Since I am doing all the calculations at row level. I cannot afford to have missing data. Hence I create an additional data source for all the missing weeks and did a cross data base join.


      2) Missing weeks Data source : Below is the screen shot for your reference.


      Missing Weeks.png


      Post joining the data I have all the missing columns in the data.


      To identify the part type I blend my primary data source to another data source named Part Type Details.



      3) Part Type Details:


      Part Type Details.PNG


      Everything goes well. But I see NULL for the missing weeks and I hit a roadblock to get the desired results.


      Final Data.png


      As I mentioned earlier I am doing a row level calculation using Table Calculations. Is there any function we could write to Show MTS even in Missing weeks, I have just highlighted week 201822 and 201823 for your reference.


      In any of the snapshot weeks if we have MTS could we replicate the same where we have NULL. All I need is MTS in the entire "Part type" column.


      I have attached the TWBX file for your reference. And help solving this will be greatly appreciated.