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    Color impact at Grand Total


      I have a formula like this:


      TVPI Color Indicator =


      IF ROUND([Investment TVPIBase],2) =1 Then "TVPI=1"

      ELSEIF ROUND([Investment TVPIBase],2) <1 OR ISNULL([Investment TVPIBase]) Then "TVPI<1"

      ELSEIF ROUND([Investment TVPIBase],2) >1 Then "TVPI>1"



      I colored it: TVPI > 1 -----> Green, TVPI < 1 ------> Red, TVPI = 1 ------> Black


      All the dimensions and measures work good. But the problem is, once I do Grand Total, it adds separately for Red, Green and Black. But, ideally, it is Grand Total. It should be independent of color.


      Any help ? This is an screen print of Grand Total: