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    Cannot login after SSO configuration

    Tyler Batten

      Our Problem:


      After configuring SAML on online.tableau and allowing SSO (OneLogin) and it not working, I can no longer sign into the online.tableau site to roll back the changes I made in settings.


      There is but one single user, myself. I believe the issue is that in settings my login method is set to SSO, but since I am unable to use Onelogin, I cannot use Tableau anymore. attempting to login to Tableau redirects to Onelogin which does not recognise Tableau. I removed the Tableau auth on OneLogin and would like to do the reverse for Tableau and investigate another approach for our case.


      Our case:


      We have an application on Heroku (Django app). We would like to use SSO to authenticate users in Tableau and its database connection, Postgres. For each user we add to our system, we would like to generate a new "basic license" so that they may sign-in into our site and view (limited interaction) embedded dashboards, visualising a unique subset (via query) of our database.


      As it stands, I have no access to online.tableau or any of its settings from the conventional login method.


      Our problem is pressing!


      I appreciate any help.