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    Tableau Pagination Issue


      Hi Tableau Experts,


      I have implemented pagination in my dashboard with the calculation as INT((INDEX()-1)/15)+1 to display 15 records per page.

      The problem is that suppose i navigate to page number 3 and then deselect all values from the filter customer segment which means no data will be displayed in the table, the page filter still shows Page 3, which is very wrong.

      Is there a solution for it, maybe a change in pagination calculation might help.

      Please provide suggestions on this !!

      Attached screenshot for Situation 1 and Situation 2. Also attached workbook for reference.

      Situation1.PNG Situation2.PNG

      Łukasz Majewski Simon Runc

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          Łukasz Majewski



          What do you expect to see after filtering out everything?

          What sense does it make to navigate to any particular page and then remove data from the view?

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            Simon Runc

            hi Aishwarya,,


            Like Lukasz...I'm not sure what you'd want to happen when someone de-selects everything (if you're expecting the filter to go back to page 1...I'm not sure there is a way). There is a term we adhere to in our models which is that a model should "break elegantly" if the user selects "silly" options (say selects Country = Australia & City = New York). I think the model you've posted achieves that.


            But if you let us know what you expect to see, I can have a think

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              Hi Simon Runc

              Yes i want the page number to go back to page 1 after deselecting everything. I wonder too why the testing team has come up with this kind of error, but they wanted me to rectify it so that when nothing is selected the page number should also be displayed as Page 1.


              If that is not possible then I will inform the team.


              Thanks a lot for your response.