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    Admin activities dashboard/alert

    cy goh

      In my organization, we have some users who are unwilling to use Tableau server because of site administrators' being able to access the data sources.


      My team is brainstorming of several persuasive measures, one being creating a public dashboard where the all site administrators' actions were shown, like the one under status->actions by specific users. Concerned users can then create alerts and get notified if the administrators were to e.g access workbooks or download data sources.


      Are the above mentioned doable (especially the alert portion)?


      Thank you.

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          Matt Coles

          Hi Cy. Yes, you can. The technique would be very similar to the one I shared in a similar post, here: Email Notification whenever we publish a new dashboard or edit existing dashboard into the server , except that you'd change the Event Name to Access View instead of Publish Workbook.

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            cy goh

            Matt Coles, thanks for the TS events data source is really helpful. However I run into a problem.



            So, I suppose to use the Field Event Date (local), I need to use the parameter called Timezone, set to my local timezone. The data looks correct. However, once I added a relative date filter on the same Event Date (local) field, set it to "this hour", it does not work any more, as it will not show the entries for this hour in my local timezone.


            Any idea?

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              Matt Coles

              Relative filters must be set on Event Date, not Event Date (local), because Tableau is passing that calculation over to the PostgreSQL server, and it is returning the current date as UTC. If you are doing a relative date filter, you must us Event Date, which is in UTC already, so you can compare apples to apples.

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                cy goh

                Thanks it worked!


                Matt Coles, another question, in my view, I want to allow users to subscribe to alerts when there are access violations to their projects.  For instance, users can be alerted when site administrators view their workbooks in their project. To do this, I created a dashboard showing the access count per project by site role.


                I tried to sign up for an alert, but I realise its after filtering down to the my project, the chart disappeared because theres no data for that, and hence I can't select the axis and create the alert.

                Do you have any idea how to solve this?

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                  Matt Coles

                  Yes, you have two options:


                  1. Alerts

                  Remove the filter on the Actor User Name for the site admins that should not be looking at content within your project. Create a calculation with a simple IF/THEN or CASE or somesuch that returns "1" when the Actor User Name is one of those that should be alerted on, and a "0" when it is not. Drag that calc into the viz as a numerical, continuous axis. Test it by having a few different people access content in your Project (you can fudge the calc to show someone who should have access as a "1" to make this easier). Now save it, and you should be able to select the axis and create your alert, with a threshold of >0.


                  2. Conditional Subscriptions

                  Forget about things being visible. If data will appear when the wrong user accesses a project, then simply subscribe to the viz and check the box "Don't send if view is empty". Align the frequency of the subscription schedule you pick with the relative date you selected (daily subscriptions should be filtered to "previous day", hourly to "previous hour", etc). When an invalid user logs in and accesses a project they aren't supposed to, the data will appear in the viz and the subscription will be sent, indicating an issue.