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    Record the time a user spent on a dashboard

    pulkit jain

      I am looking for a way to note how much time a user spent on a workbook on tableau server or online.

      I was able to find data about how many time user viewed a dashboard but couldn't find how much time the user was interacting with the dashboard.

      I will really appreciate any help or ideas

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          Ritesh Bisht

          Hi Pulkit ,


          Below is the general access and option you have.



          Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 12.43.16 PM.png



          I think you are leaning more towards the time being spent.


          You need to access postgres DB for the same and I don't think anything is readily available for the same.


          There is a one community post that you would like to see Workbook Views Duration (postgres)


          Copied the important points below ---->

          There is one interesting table that you are not currently using, and that I have never used: http_requests. Since I have never used it, I can't tell you a lot about it, but I'll share what I know:

          • This requires the readonly user, and using it is not supported. (i.e. they don't promise not to change it with updates)
          • According to Ashley Howard, in a session at TC14, "This table takes a log of all requests made of the server through the gateway."
          • It does have both "Created At" and "Completed At" datetime fields, so duration calculation is theoretically possible. However, when I ran this for our server, it only showed me as having a total of about 4.76 minutes, and I know I have had it on my screen a LOT longer than that. I suspect that is the total CPU time, not elapsed time. But it does have a session ID, so you might be able to look for the beginning and end of each session and calculate elapsed time. It doesn't look easy...
          • This table is truncated to the last 7 days every time you run "cleanup." If you want history further back than that, you should consider ETL into an archive table somewhere.



          Basically you need to have READ ONLY USER and then access the table from backend to get the desired output .




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            Toby Erkson

            Why do you need to know how long?  What is the purpose? 

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              pulkit jain

              Thanks Ritesh. This was really helpful.