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    Multiple Calculated Date fields as one Date field/graph or create a Calculated field with Multiple results



      I have been trying to solve this for some time now - however I cannot find a suitable solution.

      I have attached a packaged workbook.



      Multiple Calculated date fields with estimated service intervals from our installed base and want to show them in the same graph/one date field
      There are multiple different type of services - dual axis graph is not practical. ( Major and top end in example data)



      What I struggle with is that my method creates separate date fields per type of service  which I want to see as one date field. . (alternatively calculate all services from one calculation with multiple results) 
      I have been trying to find similar cases in the forum however they do not consider calculated dated fields.
      To display multiple date fields (columns) in the single line chart

      Calculated Field - Return multiple values







      I am calculating a date field per type of service currently - which calculate per asset how many years it will take to reach the different service interval.
      With data on interval + estimated annual hours and date in system I calculate the estimated year for upcoming service.


      The result is a field with estimated year by type of service per asset. - I have been trying to think of a way to unpivot the date fields or create a separate date field but no luck "asset ID - type of service - common date field" - I could extract all data and change it and import it via a excel file however it would ruin the purpose of a live report.





      I am then able to create a graph per type of service showing number of estimated service jobs per year - but what I want is to show all services in one graph - I want it to be possible to use the report over time to always get a updated


      Is it possible to calculate the different type of service job dates in tableau and show them in one graph? without changing source data?  ie. Having a time axis showing all service jobs - color coded per type of service.

      Is it possible to calculate alle services in one calculation with multiple results per ID?


      Any help would be appreciated.




      I am using 2 data sources.
      One ERP source which I cannot change - which has number of assets and type, Annual Hours.

      1 joined excel sheet which includes service intervals per asset type and value per type of service.