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    How to calculate percentage based on rounded numbers

    Keir Blockley



      I have used the following rounding calculation to round number of records to the nearest 5:


      Round(SUM( [Number of Records] )/5)*5


      Unrounded count of 3 for white correctly becomes rounded count of 5 and unrounded count of 14 for BAME correctly becomes rounded count of 15.


      When I add in a table calculation for percentage of total of table across based on the rounded number, I would expect the percentage values to be 25% white (based on 5 out of 20) and 75% BAME (based on 15 out of 20). Instead I get 33.3% for white and 100% for BAME.


      What I imagine is happening is that the total is based on 17 (3 white + 14 BAME), which is then being rounded to 15. The percentage is then calculated on white 5/15 = 33.3% and BAME 15/15 = 100%.


      Please can someone advise how to get the percentages to be 25% white and 75% BAME.