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    Parameter Based Coloring Combining Continuous Float Values and INTs

    Sean Holt

      Hello all,


      I am attempting to use a parameter to easily switch between coloring for all worksheets on a dashboard via a calculated variable. There are three selections methods I am using: "Performance" (which requires a continuous gradient coloring scheme), "Type" which is binary (which can use either a gradient or an int selection or str), and lastly "Process" which contains 4 unique values which need to use Int or str base coloring.


      I am currently using the following but would prefer to mix data types of int/str and floats.


      If [Colors] = 1 Then { FIXED [Unique ID] : AVG([Performance])}

      ELSEIF [Colors] = 2 Then FLOAT([Type])

      ELSE FLOAT([Process])



      Naturally, the parameter data type is set to float. This seems to limit the usability of two data types in the calculated field. Is there a way to bypass this such that I can mix Int/str and continuous(float) coloring for this purpose.