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    Identify users who performed certain actions - dynamic sets based on dimension values?

    Andrew Flynn


      I have been trying to analyse user actions for a certain application.  The data set is rather complex so I have provided a simplified table here to illustrate:

      I have a dimension 'UserId' which is continuously incrementing; and another dimension 'Action Name', which has two values, Action 1 and Action 2.

      Some users have performed one or other of the actions and some have performed both.  For the sake of simplicity a user cannot perform the same action more than once.



      UserIdAction Name
      1Action 1
      2Action 1
      3Action 1
      4Action 1
      5Action 1
      6Action 1
      7Action 1
      2Action 2
      3Action 2
      4Action 2
      8Action 2
      9Action 2
      10Action 2


      As this is a live and growing dataset, I need to create sets and/or calculations which will automatically include new rows of user actions, to identify:

      - users who have performed Action 1

      - users who have performed Action 2

      - users who have performed both Action 1 and Action 2.


      I feel this should be really simple in Tableau but the answer is elusive!  Part of the problem seems to be the exclusivity of the Action Name as a filter on User, when used in calculations and sets, i.e. it can only return one value.


      Any ideas?