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    Time filter (like >=) without using Parameter

    . Ashish

      Dear Friends,


      I have a simple requirement but I am not sure if this can be done without using Parameters.


      Basically, my dataset has many values for Dimension Metric. and each such value may not be present for all the years in my dataset. For e.g.,



      I want to have a single value drop-down for Metric and depending on the Metric selected the next drop-down, which is for Year (again single value select) will update to show the available years (relevant values). Pretty simple and straightforward till here. The complexity arises when I want to select any one Year and like see the data for that year and beyond that year in the sheet.


      So, it should function like Year >= (selected Year value).


      I do not want to use Parameter here because the Parameter list will not dynamically update depending on the dimension Metric's selected value and will always show the entire domain list of Years available.


      Any idea how to get this done? I tried using a secondary data source as well with Metric and the Year values, but could not figure out a way.